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How to Log-In to the Sullivan on Comp App
How to Log-In to the Sullivan on Comp App

For Corporate Users Who Don't Know Their Password

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If your company provides you access to Sullivan on Comp, you likely use a desktop icon or a link on a company resource page. Neither of these methods require you to use a password.

Your corporate account subscription also includes the Sullivan on Comp App. To log in, you'll need to create a password.

Setting Your Password

  • Download and launch the App.

  • From the start page, press Forgot Password.

  • Put in the email address associated with your account.

  • Press Email Me a Reset Link.

  • Locate the email in your inbox. 

  • If it doesn't arrive within 30 seconds, your email system has likely filtered it away from your inbox. Find it by searching for "Reset password instructions."

  • Click Change my password.

  • Follow the link. 

  • Enter the New password you'd like to use.

  • Enter the same password again in the Confirm new password field.

  • Press Change My Password.

  • You'll be logged in and shown a message confirming your password has been set. 

Logging In

Now that you've created a password, use those credentials to log into the App:

  • Your username is your email address.

  • Use the password you set up in the steps above.


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