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How to Add a User to a Corporate Account
How to Add a User to a Corporate Account

For accounts with desktop icons that go directly to SOC

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If users in your company have a corporate icon for Sullivan on Comp on their desktop, that icon can be used to set-up access for new users.

This article describes the process of adding new users to your account.

Have the new user start by clicking on the icon.

Clicking the link will take you to Sullivan On Comp. 

Because they started at the SOC corporate icon that contains a link that is unique to your company, we will know that user is authorized to access the site.

Enter the work email address:

All users, whether already on the account or new, enter their email to get started.

Fill out the input fields ...

And the new user is admitted to the site.

How to Access After the First Use

Next time a user returns to the site via the link, they'll either be admitted instantly or they'll see this page.

If they see this email entry box, have them input the email address used to register on the prior log-in, then click Get Started.

The site will match you up to the prior registration and then ask for their login credentials.


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