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What to Do if You Don't See Any Content
What to Do if You Don't See Any Content

Here's the fix if you're seeing a blank browser page

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A handful of users have reported that they can't see any of the page content on SOC.

They can see the Table of Contents page. 

But upon clicking through to any content, they see a page that looks like this.

So far, each time the issue has arisen, it's been caused by ad-blocking software installed into a Chrome browser.

If you are having this problem and you're using a Chrome browser, explore the following for a possible fix.

View Chrome Extensions

Type chrome://extensions into your browser address bar.

This will bring up a list of extensions you have installed and running in Chrome.

View your list and search for an installed ad blocker.  To turn off the extension, uncheck the Enabled box. 

You can turn off an extension temporarily without deleting it to see if it is affecting your SOC viewing experience.

Another Approach

Another approach to explore would be the following:

  • Press ctrl+alt+ delete (on Windows) or Command-Option-Esc (on Mac) 

  • End Chrome 'task' in process. 

  • Start Chrome again. 

That approach helped one user in this Google forum post: Chrome not working at all, just shows gray screen.

Did Either of These Approaches Solve Your Problem?

As mentioned above, this problem has arisen a few times and each time, turning off the ad-blocking extension has been the fix. 

(We haven't seen anybody need to try the second approach identified immediately above.)

But if neither of these approaches solve your problem, let us know at and we'll work with you to troubleshoot further.


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